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To get customized feedback on the possible mindset blocks that are hindering you from attaining your dream results in your business. Then leave you with an action based healing plan that keeps you centered, mindful and aligned with your inner-self in leveling up your business growth. - wazobia max - eno Production - globalbusinessplaybook - ThisDay NewPaper - Her Network

Get Laser-focused Clarity

on the limiting mindset beliefs that you have taken up subconsciously in your unresolved traumas that may be slowing you down, stepping in your way or even stopping you from achieving your business growth.

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"My time with Imoh Williams was a mind-blowing one. After working with Imoh, I realized that I became more focused and defined about my recent project which is now taking shape faster than I imagined. If you work with Imoh, your decision capacity, goals and dreams will never be the same again."

emmanual akaha

CEO - 9th hour limited


“I had an amazing time with Imoh Williams, It was very practical and eye-opening. At first, it was a hard start but over time I got accustomed. I was able to uncover that one of my limiting beliefs was fear. Imoh's system helped me handle it. I then took action confidently and people started making orders within days. ”

Nsikan Antia-obong



sometimes feels like trying to find Your Way in a dark room...

As a self-driven and motivated business owner who has risen to great heights in your profession you still feel quite empty and unfulfilled. You thought money and wealth were going to do the trick but still, you feel something is missing.

One thing that isn’t going well for you is your personal life relationships with either yourself , family and even clients. Even though you can keep a great facade with your friends and clients, you know you are not connecting with them as you should.

You can feel your life is quickly slipping away as the one thing you want the most “love” seems so far and no matter how much you try to get it, your environments just doesn’t feel so loveable and peaceful.

You have devoted so much of your time to showing your kids love and ensuring they have the best of everything but you still wonder, when will you experience love undiluted?

Regardless of your personal life challenges,

You still want to change the world to make your own impact in the world by changing the lives of as many people as possible with your skill and even your organization.

Yes! making more money is on your mind but really experiencing more love, compassion and peace in your personal life is the dream. You really would love to open your heart to love again but you don’t know how to. You secretly wonder if you would ever experience true love and frankly you are beginning to loose hope.

Those roadblocks can look a lot like:
Your messaging not being clear and sophisticated enough.
Taking on low-budget clients because you’re afraid of losing the opportunity + money.
Unsure of how to package, market, and price your offer to attract premium clients.
Putting in the time and effort but not seeing the growth you want.
Overwhelmed and being pulled to different directions in your business.

Then keep reading, You will find what I am offering interesting and intriguing on how you can literally change your whole life, from your finances, your relationships and even your health by just optimising your mindset.

by the end of this mindset clarity call
you will leave with...


You will gain clarity on the possible mindset blocks that are hindering you from taking necessary actions towards your finances and relationships.
You Leave feeling renewed, refreshed and clear on the required mindset growth and healing journey that best suits you and your business growth plan.

A Customized Roadmap

We will pinpoint the underlying problems of your stagnant growth and provide solutions that you can implement right away.
You’ll walk away with a structured healing roadmap to help you grow your business, attract more paying clients.

a clear mindset

When you know what to do and how to do it, your business will start growing in ways you never thought possible.
This is the missing piece so many business owners go without because they are unsure of exactly what to do in order to create a successful business.

more great feedback

More Top-Level Professionals Are Gaining Clarity That is Changing Their Live.

from charging $300 to $3000 and and 400% increase in new business.

Five years ago, when I met Imoh, I was charging $300 for my services because I was afraid to charge my value’s worth.

I went through mindset re-engineering with Imoh and she helped me to see how to reposition my value and increase my price.  In the first month, I signed up two clients who paid $3,000 each. From then on it has been beautiful.

Also, in my wealth advisor business, I am doing 400% more in pricing my wealth advisory business. 

The Czarconomist
Zuberu Kadiri


discover new self and sign a 4-figure clients in 60days

Working with Imoh Williams was quite a wonderful experience, both on a personal level and to help grow my business. Imoh helped me discover a part of myself that was basically in a shell. I have always been very good as a consultant but not at marketing myself.

Thanks to Imoh I was able to get over that mindset block and put myself in a position where I could talk more confidently about my services from a marketing standpoint. With guidance from Imoh, I launched my business and signed in my first 4-figure client for my program within 60 days.”

Mr Daniel Bassey
Daniel Bassey

Chief Operating Officer - CBNL Africa

During our call we will talk about the major areas of your life that are giving you major concern  and diagnose the root problems that are keeping you in your current delima.

Areas we can cover include marriage, career, business, relationships etc. Warning, this session is going to be an emotional drill so come ready.

You get access to a video recording of our intensive session so you can always make reference to it when implementing what we discussed. I value our time together and want to be as effective as possible without any distractions.

The more open and  present you are the more we can have a successful deep dive into the challenging areas of your life during our limited time together.

Receive actionable steps on how to move forward with your business after our call together. These are customized and specific to you and your business goals. Again, we diagnose what’s keeping you stuck and offer you tangible solutions to reach your next level.

You have exclusive support from me through Instagram/LinkedIn DMs for 4 weeks after our clarity call session. You can ask any follow-up questions as you implement the strategies/ action steps discussed on our call. This in itself is worth thousands!

Here’s what’s

included in our call:

I value our time together and could easily charge $5,000 for this high-touch support, but I’m not going to...

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Why Do I Believe That

mind mastery is the best SUCCESS strategy?

After spending 25years of my life, living In constant drama, anxiety and low Self Esteem. I know first-hand what it means to feel you have no sense of control over your life—living a life where nothing seems to work, from toxic relationships, low finances and even failed businesses. Everything was a total mess. Then I went on a 10-year healing journey where I learnt how to create my desired environment in the midst of chaos, and confidently attract my desired results In my Life.

This transformational journey has been laced with so many failed attempts. After I got the mindset code, I began to live my life like a dream. My dreams are not fully manifested but it is unfolding beautifully. Now I help top-level professionals and business owners to do the same.

I love to see your life change as you gain more confidence to showcase your value to the world, and your loved ones while experiencing the fulfilment of impacting the lives of your mentees and clients from around the world.

I will love nothing more than to help you successfully experience more blissful relationships and accomplish your financial goals but first, let’s optimize your mind.


Mindset Coach & Brand Strategist

within 4 weeks reached weight gain goal, increased confidence in her child and business income increased
Revive Your Mind Bootcamp Testimonial
Amara Nwokolo



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